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creative barbwire (or the many lives of a creator)

Okay, now I know where Duggu comes from – it’s right at the beginning, the first question Karan asks. Did I mention Karan Johar is one of my favorite directors/producers? I loved all his movies – well, I’ve seen 4 of his directorial efforts (up to My Name is Khan) and 2 of his produced flicks (Dostana and Agneepath) and in the extras of Dostana I had already noticed he speaks decent English, and now I know that so does Hrithik (and no, I wasn’t trying to learn Hindi to communicate with them, I know they can speak English, LOL)! Go Karan & Hrithik! 😀

By the way, I still have to finish listening to it – turned it into MP3, since YouTube keeps getting stuck for me. So I will comment on this some other time – if I deem it necessary. Which might be never, LOL!

And it’s…

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